What is the difference between coinche and belote contrée?

Variants of belote: is there a difference between coinche and belote contrée? 

That’s the million-dollar question! Some players claim that these two games of belote are the same variant of classic belote. However, despite their similarities, there are several differences between the two. To sceptics who still have doubts, you will find all the information you need right here in this article!  

Belote contrée & coinche vs classic belote 

Coinche and belote contrée are based on the official rules of classic belote. This is the reason why they share common features with many variants of belote. 

Basic rules for playing belote 

Whatever the variant, players around the world must follow these rules: 

  • Belote is played by four players divided into two teams. 
  • The order and value of the cards are identical to classic belote. They vary according to whether or not they are trumps. 
  •  One suit (Spades, Clubs, Diamonds or Hearts) can be chosen as Trumps. 
  • The total number of points is 162. 
  • Bonus points are given for 10 of der, belote rebelote and capot. 

How coinche and belote contrée differ from classic belote 

Coinche and belote contrée share some rules that really distinguish them from classic belote: 

  • Dealing of the cards: in classic belote and several variants, the cards are dealt in two rounds. In belote contrée and coinche, the dealer distributes eight cards to each player in one go. 
  •  Trump suit: in coinche and belote contrée, the players can choose the trump suit they want during the bidding unlike classic belote where each player decides whether to accept the face-up card as the trump suit or whether to pass. 
  • Double/redouble vs coinche/surcoinche: different words for the same announcement! In the bidding phase, if a defending player deems that the accepters will not be able to make their contract, he can “double” (“coinche”), which prevents any possibility of further bidding. It becomes impossible to change the value or suit of the bid. Despite the double, if the contracting players think that they will be able to fulfil their contract, they can “redouble” (“surcoinche”). The scores of the game are thus doubled. 

Coinche and belote contrée: what are the differences? 

How to play coinche or belote contrée? Here are the differences sorted out by topics.

Bids and overbids 

The players bid the contract they believe they will be able to make by giving a number of points to be attained and a chosen trump suit. The player who bids the highest contract wins the bidding. He and his partner must reach the number of points announced to win the deal.

The minimum bid is for 80 points. In classic belote, the other players may overbid to a level at least 10 points above this. However, in some versions of coinche, the players must raise the previous bid by 5. 

One peculiarity of the bidding in belote contrée is that the players of each team are allowed to use a “communication code” based on the value of the contract and the suit required to give details on their own hands, increasing the chance of winning the game if they have good ones. 


Coinche includes several announcements: square, hundred, fifty and tierce. In belote contrée, there is only one: belote rebelote.  

As a result, when points are counted up in a game of coinche, the winning side will receive points for combinations, plus points for their tricks. In belote contrée, a player scores extra points only if he plays the King and Queen of Trumps (belote and rebelote).

All Trumps and No Trumps 

In a game of coinche belote, the players decide to bid in All Trumps or No Trumps. In No Trumps, the four suits follow the order and value of the cards. The players must play all the tricks without trump cards, which is just not possible in belote contrée. 

In conclusion, it goes without saying that belote contrée and coinche are very similar card games. The advantage is that as a player of one these two variants, you won’t have any trouble switching from one to another and you will always find what makes these games entertaining: tactics, teamwork with partners, memorizing cards and game strategy!  

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