The belote multiplayer mode is now free !

Your favorite free online belote app has a surprise for you !

The holiday season is behind us and it put a huge dent in your budget? 💰💶

At FunBelote, we thought of you and made a New Year’s resolution for 2022 (because we’re nice and we know that a world without belote would be a sad place)!

So, starting today, our multiplayer game mode will be available for free! You will find all the details right here in this article.

What’s going to change ?

Put simply, FunBelote’s multiplayer mode is becoming available to all for free, for both classic and coinche belote!

So, you will no longer need any chips to play 🥳 No bet, no gain, you may say.

Don’t worry, gains will be distributed according to the difficulty level selected as follows :

What’s the multiplayer mode again? 🤔

Various game modes for all levels :

  1. Standard
  2. Difficult
  3. Expert
  4. Master

Feel free to read (again) the rules of classic belote and coinche!

Life’s not only about multiplayer games !

Try out the other awesome game modes offered by the app:

  • Daily tournaments: Pit yourself against other competitors on the same deals in duplicate! And there’s a prize to win. Reach the top 50 players of any tournament and win batches of chips!
  • Challenges: Challenge your friends in duplicate format! Like daily tournaments, you play the same deals against a robot. May the best win!
  • Practice games: If you don’t feel like jumping into the deep end yet or if you just want to train yourself up ahead of a multiplayer game or a challenge, you can play a few games solo against FunBelote’s AI “Lancelot”. 😉

Play on FunBelote, the official app for online belote and coinche !

Download our mobile app for free and join us to play with or against our community of FunBelote players!

FunBelote is available for iOS and Android devices via the Google Play and Apple app stores.

See you soon on your favorite online belote app!