Monday: an ideal day for starting to play belote online

Everyone has experienced the Monday blues, even giving rise to one date every year dubbed “Blue Monday”…The first day of the week often comes with a feeling of nostalgia for the weekend.

At FunBelote, we’re not ones to mope. As enthusiastic players of belote, we spend our chips on our favorite card game in order to stay cheerful. Monday is therefore the perfect day to devote to belote!

To convince you, we hereby present our trump card: a mobile app for playing online belote!

Why is belote great for chasing away your depression?

It’s Monday, it’s cold; are you feeling down in the dumps? Whether it be classic or coinche belote, this game holds the key to bringing back your smile!

Partner, opponents: belote is not just a single-player game

With lots to offer, belote is one of the best card games for being social: belote is a partnership game where the games fly by and the atmosphere is relaxed.

To play a game of belote, you need four players split into two pairs.

You will therefore have a partner by your side and, facing you, two players making up the opposing side. You and your partner will now get the opportunity to compete against other belote players, making new acquaintances along the way. And, unlike poker, belote is a game where we like to talk!

No long silences here; each phase of the game: the acceptance round, auction, announcements, and counting of points, will be an opportunity to interact with each player around the table.

Whether beginner or experienced player, keep yourself busy by playing online belote for free today. Download the FunBelote app and make friends with other online players!

Winning a belote game boosts your self-confidence

Rummy, tarot, chess, backgammon… Whatever the game, the winning player will be floating on air! But as Confucius said, “Happiness is not at the top of the mountain but in how to climb.”

Winning is, of course, good for morale. But is the most exciting thing not the journey to fulfilling the contract? Discovering the card turned face-up, carrying out the first round of bidding, overbidding… Fighting for a trick, challenging the opposing side… Taking the 10 of der, announcing belote/rebelote, finishing with capot… Counting the points that you scored…

These are the things that make a game of belote so enjoyable for a player!

Playing belote pushes you to think, work out your tactics and develop your competitive spirit! Activating your brain is the best way to combat depression that there is.

Away with Blue Monday… We promise that, with belote, you can have all the colors of the rainbow! Are we keeping score? Belote: 1 – Monday blues: 0.

How do I play online belote?

For those who would like to (re)learn the rules of the game, you will find the official rules of classic and coinche belote.

You can also take a look at our BLOG for articles on specific subjects, such as how to count points in belote.

Starting with classic belote

Beginners will be able to start by playing traditional belote.

Turn to speak, accepters, defenders… Suit led, value of dealt cards, trump suit, bid, contract… Combinations: 10 of der, King-Queen of Trumps, capot… Extra points and scores at the end of the game… Everything is explained at!

The most important things to memorize are the order and value of each trump and non-trump card. Novices should consider making themselves a cheat sheet.

And to quickly become a pro, download the FunBelote app and play some practice games. This game mode is free and unlimited, quickly enabling you to progress to traditional belote.

Try out the many variants of belote

Do you want some novelty to change up your daily routine at the beginning of the week?

Among the many variants of belote, such as two- and three-player belote, belote de comptoir, or even belote contrée, you will discover the famous coinche belote.

This is a traditional version of belote with bids and overbids incorporated into the announcement stage, which increases the competitiveness between the accepting side and their opponents: something to spice up your day! Find the rules of coinche belote in our website.

Or why not play bridge: a game very much enjoyed by players of belote. Our FunBridge app, the No. 1 online bridge app, will allow you to easily find out all about this card game!

Playing belote online: the solution to dealing with Monday melancholy

As a reminder, today is Monday. It is therefore very likely that you are surrounded by your colleagues at the office rather than seated at a table with real belote players. But this is no reason to be despondent.

Join Lancelot, our AI, for a game of online belote on the FunBelote app. You will see that belote against the computer is an excellent form of entertainment!

Online belote: play wherever you want, whenever you want!

Download FunBelote, the official app for playing belote and coinche for free online. Whether on your commute or during your work break, don’t miss the opportunity to play against our AI.

Perfect for this Monday. Wherever you are, you will easily be able to play a game of belote on your smartphone!

Once home, continue to play on your tablet without losing your progress as your account can be accessed through multiple devices.

Open a FunBelote player account to access our whole online belote universe. The FunBelote app is available on iPhone/iPad and Android.

Play belote online: each player can choose his preferred game mode!

It is not just flexibility which is an advantage of playing belote online… You will have access to several game modes: practice, challenges, multiplayer belote and tournaments.

The FunBelote app will adapt to your level of experience and allow you to play solo or against others, thanks to its community of players.

You can also win chips by taking part in our daily tournaments: both classic belote tournaments and daily coinche tournaments.

Find all of our tips and tricks for starting an online belote game with our article “Belote against the computer: train yourself up and become a pro”.

So, are you happy now? Have the Monday blues gone?

The really good news is that you will be able to play your favorite card game 365 days a year on FunBelote, the official online belote app! Available on iOS and Android.