Meet Catherine, July’s belote player!

Every month thousands of belote players get together on FunBelote, an app they are
attached to. We are lucky to have beta testers who test the new features of the app before they are released and made available to all belote players. This month, let’s meet
Catherine, better known as “Chatpilpoil”! She has been playing belote since early childhood and also has a passion for bridge.

Hi Catherine! Can you please briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Catherine. I’m 66 and I live in the South of Finistère, France, by the seaside. I am
retired now. I worked as Regional Manager of Eco Emballage for many years. I have a big
family with 4 children and 8 grandchildren! Fond of travel and hiking, I really enjoy having a
good time with my friends, around a good barbecue for instance. I don’t have much spare
time, but I have been playing FunBelote since it was launched last December. I usually play
during the day, sometimes in the evening.

How old were you when you discovered belote?

I started playing belote with my grandparents, my grandfather to be exact, when I was 7. We
used to play during the vacation, and we were filling entire notebooks to count the points of
our thrilling games. Belote is very popular in Brittany. It is an integral part of my life now. I
play with my grandchildren, sons-in-law and daughters after family meals or just for fun

What if you had to choose between belote and coinche?

I have been playing bridge for nearly 25 years now. I would say coinche, which involves a bit
more strategy and knowledge upstream. Thorough analysis is needed if you want to play
well compared to classic belote, even if I play this latter variant much more on the app!

What do you like on FunBelote?

When I spend time on the app, I like the “Challenge” mode! You can play against Lancelot,
which is great to train yourself up. The “Daily tournament” mode is also good for that as you
are compared against other players playing the same deals and sitting in the same position
as you.

What would you say to convince someone to play belote?

It is a 100% French game that will not fall out of fashion over time. My daughter talked about
it with people in England and the belote-playing families she met there are proud of it! It is
an intergenerational game. You can play with your family as well as your friends as early as
the age of 7! The many variants bring in diversity and playing a game of belote after a family
meal is always appreciated.

Any final words?

Belote is part of my life and I am very happy to play it with my whole family. This game is a
must, especially as a family. Children are starting to play on the internet too, which is great.
The entire family can play coinche. We have to break the obsolete image of belote because it
is a very nice game. You can even spend a whole night playing if you want. It creates links. It
is intergenerational.

You want to be the beloteur of the month? Or become a beta tester? Send an email to