How to play belote online with friends in lockdown

How to play belote online with friends in lockdown

Lockdown makes it difficult to play card games at a real table… Until you can meet real players again, why not play online and try a new game experience?

Join FunBelote and enjoy our online belote and coinche games with your friends! You will find below everything you need to know about the game modes available: multiplayer games, duplicate challenges and daily tournaments.

FunBelote, the official online belote and coinche app

Easy to use, the FunBelote app offers many features adapted to your playing level. Beginners will learn the official rules of belote directly in the app before playing their first game.

Online belote on smartphones and tablets

Poker, tarot, rummy, belote… The most convenient way to play your favorite card games online is to download a mobile app on your smartphone. You can play online for free using your own device whenever you want without being interrupted.

Create your player account and fully enjoy our app! It is possible to play without signing up but if you open a FunBelote account, you will get access to many features like easy login, multidevice account, automatic aids… 

Here no money is involved. There is a free game mode, others require chips to play.Download FunBelote for iOS and Android now! You will receive 1,000 chips as a welcome bonus! Available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Classic and coinche belote

FunBelote is the official online belote and coinche app!

The artificial intelligence controls the game with absolute respect for the rules: card distribution, face-up card, whose turn it is to speak, display of the trump suit, combination announcements and extra points, final score at the end of the round… All you have to do is focus on your strategy and cards!

You will also find automatic aids, which are very helpful even for experienced players!

  • “Card value”: determine how many points a card is worth and which one is the highest.
  • “Point counting”[VD1] : count up the points and determine if you will be able to fulfil your contract or if you will end up “inside”.
  • “Last trick played”[VD2] : view the last trick and keep track of the deal.

You want to try out solo games before telling your friends? Play the unlimited game mode “Practice” for free.

These are free games of classic belote or its variant, coinche belote, with announcements and bids, to play solo against our AI “Lancelot”. Belote against the computer remains the best way to make rapid progress!

Convinced? Refer your friends! Invite them to join you on FunBelote. Free chips to sponsors and sponsees! Find out more in the “Friends” section of our app.

Online belote: pit yourself against opponents in multiplayer mode 

In multiplayer mode, several players play the same game simultaneously. Each participant plays live with a community of players on an online platform. Whatever your level, you can play belote online against real players!

Online belote games: free multiplayer mode

In lockdown, free multiplayer belote is a user-friendly and easy way to have fun with real players at a virtual table! Download the FunBelote app and create your online player account !

You prefer multiplayer coinche? Click the button provided for that purpose at the top right of the screen. You can also choose the difficulty level for your table (standard, difficult, expert or master).

Tell your friends! They will be interested to know that they can continue playing thanks to free multiplayer belote.

Lancelot, our robot available 24/7!

In belote, four players sit around the table, divided into two teams.

An opponent is missing or your partner suddenly quits the table? Available 24/7, our faithful Jack of Clubs “Lancelot” will come to your assistance. Our AI can replace any player in both teams. As your partner, it is programmed to play at its best. As an opponent, it will adapt to the level of your table.

Duplicate mode: a completely novel game mode to play belote online with friendsDuplicate mode: a completely novel game mode to play belote online with friends

This game mode is totally novel for an online belote game. Tested and approved by players from all over the world on our FunBridge app!

Accepter, partner, defender, whatever… Unlike a traditional game, the reward does not go to the winning side. Indeed, participants compete against one another on identical deals with the same cards and deals being provided for each competitor. Try out this new format of online belote with your friends!

Challenge mode

The principle of duplicate challenges is very simple. You sit at a table with robots and play a mini-tournament of 8 deals. Your adversary (your friend) will also play those same deals in parallel and with the same robots. The objective is to get the highest score in the tournament.

You can challenge friends from your friends’ list or random players. To get access to these challenges, each player must download the FunBelote app on his smartphone and create an online account. Then go to “Friends” in the app. Use the “Search a player” feature to find your friends who already have a FunBelote account or to invite new ones via Facebook. Once you have a friends’ list, you can see which friends are online and start a game of belote with them.

Challenge your friends in duplicate format! He who wins the game will officially be the best!

Belote and coinche tournaments

Two tournaments (belote and coinche) run daily on FunBelote and the top players in the rankings get rewarded. Pit yourself against your friends and try to win as many chips as possible!

All registered players play the same deals (10 in total) with the same playing conditions (same tricks, same position at the table). The aim of the competition is to attribute them a place in the general rankings. Who will top the rankings? Chips to be won by the best fifty players!

You want to train yourself up, progress or challenge your friends? Join the FunBelote app and its community of online players to play belote and coinche games with or without announcements/bids, in No-Trumps or All Trumps! Prepare your strategy and increase your chances to win!