How to become a pro in belote?

Learn to play 

You find card games and their rules complicated? Easier than bridge or poker, belote is a family and entertaining game! This is a hobby shared by players from all around the world. All agree that they really enjoy playing belote. 

Our article will give you all the information you need to make up your mind. And after that? Why not try a thrilling game of belote? 

Learn the rules of belote easily

Before you start, you must know the rules.

You will soon discover that there are several variants of belote and that some rules vary depending on the player and/or where he is from (France or any other country).

Don’t panic! Take a deep breath and go to the FunBelote site

You can find all the official rules of classic and coinche belote (also known as coinche) on our website. You will learn how to play belote, how to count points, what are the differences between classic and coinche belote… Card distribution, whose turn it is to speak, dealer, the player who accepted the face-up card, defenders, partner, adversaries… Value of the cards, led suit, combinations, trump, announcement, fulfilling your contract… Extra bonus points for 10 of der, belote and rebelote, capot… Point count, final score of the game… Everything is explained in detail on our FunBelote site

The biggest challenge will be to remember the order and value of each card in trump (i.e. led suit) and non-trump suits. When you get started, the trick is to keep a cheat sheet next to you.  

Another tip to beginners: start with classic belote!

Coinche belote is a more complex variant with announcements made at the start of a game. If you are a beginner, it is best to know the rules of classic belote before trying bidding in coinche belote. The idea is to increase the level of difficulty progressively.

Complete your training with books! Take yourself to the card games section of a bookshop. Next to the guides to tarot, poker, bridge or rummy, you will find a book on belote. You will learn more about the techniques and tactics used by players by going through deals step by step, studying how the game unfolds as the cards are played…

Next step: get straight to the point and train yourself up! 

You can’t find a partner to practice with? You are afraid of playing with real players at the table?   

Discover belote against the computer and learn at your own pace! 

The AI system will teach you the fundamentals and training will be adapted to your progress.

Try FunBelote! Download our app for free and play belote online! 

Train yourself up against AI! 

There are several ways of playing belote online against a computer: by downloading some software, playing online games with or without signing up, or even using a mobile app.

Do you have a smartphone and/or tablet connected to the Apple Store or Google Play?

Download the FunBelote app for free and play a game of belote against our AI “Lancelot”!

The mobile app FunBelote available on iOS and Android offers a variety of game modes adapted to your level. You will be pleasantly surprised by its high-quality graphics and easy-to-use interface. A key asset in the world of online bridge!

Start with the practice mode! 

Play solo while your partner and adversaries are replaced by robots. No chips needed, this game mode is free and unlimited! Automatic aids are available to beginners: value of the cards, point count and last trick played. 

Try the free multiplayer belote

Pit yourself against players of your level by choosing the difficulty level for your table (standard, difficult, expert and master) ! This is a new game experience against the community of FunBelote players.

Discover belote challenges with friends! 

This duplicate game mode is exclusive to FunBelote. Totally novel for an online belote game. It gives you and your adversaries an equal footing: you sit at a table with three robots and play a mini-tournament of 8 deals. Your friend will also play those same deals in parallel and with the same robots. May the best win!

Participate in the daily tournament on our online platform!  

This game mode reproduces an identical setup for all of the competing players. Every day each player must play 10 deals to enter the rankings of the competition and prizes are awarded to the top 50 places. Win the online belote tournament and get lots of FunBelote chips!  

Create a FunBelote player account now to get access to our whole online belote universe 

How to get started with real players? 

You know the official rules of classic belote by heart? Your intensive training program with the AI system is coming to an end? Then you are ready to move on to a belote game with real players! 

First, you need a “real” pack of cards J 32 to be exact: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven of each suit (Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds). 

Second, start looking for a partner! Belote is a team game. Four players divided into two partnerships are sitting at the table.

You don’t know how to find a teammate or opponents? Here are some tips to find belote players near you. 

Why not join a belote club? Ask your town council. 

You can also search on the internet and social networks. Facebook is a good register of groups and events.  

Type in key words such as “belote players club” or “belote player: find partner”. Or you can post a message saying “beginner belote player looking for teammate”on your wall. Your friends will be happy to share it. You will soon get in touch with friends of friends who play belote too and have ample time to start your own club with them.

Chat on belote forums. Members can redirect you to people who might be interested in playing with you. Now that you are a pro in classic belote, why not spice up the game? Discover coinche belote, belote contrée or one of the numerous variants of belote. This is your trump card to get your new experienced belote friends involved!