Egg hunt: Participate in our Easter event!

Easter, a spring celebration! 

Easter is around the corner. It is getting warmer. Sunny days are back. Spring is in the air! And FunBelote, the official online app for belote and coinche, is celebrating with a special event!

You will find all the information you need about the upcoming interactive egg hunt right here in this article. 

Join the egg hunt on FunBelote 

(Re)discover the many facets of FunBelote! We have hidden eggs in every corner of the app. Collect as many as you can and get prizes: special Easter virtual cards, free chips

How to take part in our special Easter egg hunt?  

The egg hunt will last 12 days, from 1 to 12 April 2021. 

Go to the top of the homepage of the app to access the event.


Join the egg hunt 2.0! The aim is to collect as many eggs as you can. 

We are nice people at FunBelote, so here is a roadmap with some tips. To consult it, open the app and click on the Easter event. It will tell you what to do and where to find eggs on the app. It will also show you how many eggs have been collected.  

The more eggs you find, the more prizes you get! đŸ°đŸŽ There are three prize levels: 

  • Collect 20 eggs = get 1 prize
  • Collect 30 eggs = get 2 prizes
  • Collect 50 eggs = get 3 prizes

The FunBelote Easter egg hunt will soon open. Download our belote app for free now and start playing online!  

Participate in our “daily tournaments” and get in the FunBelote rankings!  

FunBelote offers daily tournaments allowing you to play three variants of belote: classic belote, coinche belote and belote contrĂ©e in duplicate format.  

Totally novel for an online belote game! This game mode reproduces an identical setup for all participants: the same deals, same team and same seat at the table. It gives you and your opponents an equal footing. 

Chip prizes to be won for the top 50 places in the rankings!  

Do you like challenges? Challenge your friends on the FunBelote app!  

Available for mobile and tablet devices, our app offers many ways of playing belote including “FunBelote challenges”, which are duplicate mini-tournaments of 8 deals.

You will play a game of classic belote with four players split into two teams and sit at a table with three robots. Your adversary (your friend) will also play the same deal in parallel and with the same cards and robots in each team.

He who wins the game will officially be the best!