Belote de comptoir : how to play ?

Among the many variants of belote, do you know belote de comptoir? It is quicker to play than classic belote but that does not mean it is any less fun or colorful! How to play belote de comptoir? You will need a deck of cards and two to four players. Then read this article to learn everything about the rules and start a game of belote de comptoir with your family or friends !

Trumps in belote: which playing techniques ?

Belote games are all about the trump suit: order and value of trump and non-trump cards, bidding All-Trumps or No-Trumps, etc. Trumps are essential cards allowing you to take tricks and score points.

Belote scoring table: download our template

FunBelote has created for you the ideal table for counting the points in a game of belote or coinche. Before downloading the table that will allow you to count up bonus points and determine the final score of each team, a bit of background is necessary…

Belote tips: our advice on how to play like a pro

From the distribution of the cards to the designation of the winners, discover our tips for becoming a better player in belote or its many variants and avoiding rookie mistakes… And most importantly, for scoring the maximum number of points with your team!

Coinche bidding: tips from our ambassadors

Of all the types of belote game, coinche is the most strategic variant. And this is particularly true of the bidding phase, during which players must bid the value of the contract they plan to make, but also of the announcements made at the start of play. Alexandre, our FunBelote ambassador, will explain to you how to bid and announce in coinche belote for scoring as many points as possible! Alexandre, notre ambassadeur FunBelote, vous explique comment enchérir et annoncer à la belote coinchée pour marquer un max de points !

Belote Scoring Table : Know how to count the points

Like many card games, a game of belote is played over several rounds. At the end of one deal, a player must therefore put himself in charge of noting the total score given to each team. So that you won’t lose the thread when counting the points, we will confide a little secret to you: a special scoring table for belote!

The All-Trump and No-Trump belote contracts

Learn how to play a game of belote in “All-Trumps” or “No-Trumps”! Alexandre, our FunBelote ambassador, will give you his tips on these two types of contract, to be used liberally in games of coinche and belote contrée! Discover all of their specific aspects, such as the value of the cards, game tactics and communication techniques used between the players on each team!

“Being under the gutter” in a game of belote

Today we will be talking about belote strategy. Does the French belote expression “being under the gutter” ring a bell? In belote games, it refers to the strategic position allowing you to play by guessing which cards you are holding and to try to score even more points to become the winning side. Read on to find out how!

Belote strategy: the “small-game 80” and the “2-ace 80”

In this article, Alexandre, FunBelote ambassador, will detail for you the types of strategy practiced in the bidding of coinche and contrée, two variants of your favorite card game known as belote! After reading this, you will have all the tools you need to announce your contract as “small-game 80” or “2-ace 80” and to try to score the maximum number of points with your partner at the card table!

How to play belote contrée ?

Belote contrée is one of the many variants of the famous card game of classic belote. It is played using the same rules but comes with certain specific aspects such as, for example, the “double” and “redouble” bids (French: contre and surcontre, from which it takes its name). Discover the specifics for playing belote contrée point by point in this article and then go to our FunBelote app to play a game online!