Belote marseillaise: origins and rules of the game

In Marseilles , card games are played by everyone from 7 to 77 and you can find formidable belote players. It is even said that several variants of belote – belote marseillaise being one of them – would come from that area… So true or false? You will find everything there is to know right here in this article!

Jack of Clubs: role and origin in belote’s history

Where does the Jack of Clubs come from? Jack of Hearts, Jack of Spades, Jack of Diamonds or Jack of Clubs: all are emblematic figures in traditional card decks. Before talking about belote, let’s start with a quick reminder of their history.

Belote variants around the world

Belote, that social and strategic card game which is largely prevalent in France, also has players from all over the world. And so many variants… Even if the rules of the game, the counting of points and the name can change depending on the player and/or the country you are playing in, everyone speaks the same language: that of belote!

The Queen of Clubs: history and place in belote

The Queen of Clubs: card games and belote culture You already met “Lancelot”, Jack of Clubs and AI of our online belote app. Now let us introduce the mysterious Queen of Clubs “Argine” and talk about the origins and meaning of playing cards.

History of coinche belote: the origins of the card game

From belote to coinche, the legendary story of coinche belote Every day, the FunBelote app will suggest that you play a coinche belote tournament online. Do you know this card game? After classic belote, the game of coinche belote is the most-played variant by players all over the world! Short recap on its origins and reasons for its success…