Belote strategy: the “small-game 80” and the “2-ace 80”

In this article, Alexandre, FunBelote ambassador, will detail for you the types of strategy practiced in the bidding of coinche and contrée, two variants of your favorite card game known as belote! After reading this, you will have all the tools you need to announce your contract as “small-game 80” or “2-ace 80” and to try to score the maximum number of points with your partner at the card table!

How to play belote online with friends in lockdown

Lockdown makes it difficult to play card games at a real table… Until you can meet real players again, why not play online and try a new game experience? Join FunBelote and enjoy our online belote and coinche games with your friends! You will find below everything you need to know about the game modes available: multiplayer games, duplicate challenges and daily tournaments.

What is the difference between coinche and belote contrée?

That’s the million-dollar question! Some players claim that these two games of belote are the same variant of classic belote. However, despite their similarities, there are several differences between the two. To sceptics who still have doubts, you will find all the information you need right here in this article!

Egg hunt: Participate in our Easter event!

Easter is around the corner. It is getting warmer. Sunny days are back. Spring is in the air! And FunBelote, the official online app for belote and coinche, is celebrating with a special event! You will find all the information you need about the upcoming interactive egg hunt right here in this article

Belote variants around the world

Belote, that social and strategic card game which is largely prevalent in France, also has players from all over the world. And so many variants… Even if the rules of the game, the counting of points and the name can change depending on the player and/or the country you are playing in, everyone speaks the same language: that of belote!

How to play belote contrée ?

Belote contrée is one of the many variants of the famous card game of classic belote. It is played using the same rules but comes with certain specific aspects such as, for example, the “double” and “redouble” bids (French: contre and surcontre, from which it takes its name). Discover the specifics for playing belote contrée point by point in this article and then go to our FunBelote app to play a game online!

The Queen of Clubs: history and place in belote

The Queen of Clubs: card games and belote culture You already met “Lancelot”, Jack of Clubs and AI of our online belote app. Now let us introduce the mysterious Queen of Clubs “Argine” and talk about the origins and meaning of playing cards.

Tips from the FunBelote ambassadors: Alexandre and belote contrée

At the heart of our FunBelote app, we have real players who are passionate about belote and coinche! Meet Alexandre, who has been a belote player for many years and is an active member of the FunBelote community. For this reason, it seemed clear to us that he should become an ambassador for FunBelote by sharing his tips and tricks with you. We made the most of this by asking him some questions about his favorite card game: belote contrée…

Blue Monday: play belote with the FunBelote app

Everyone has experienced the Monday blues, even giving rise to one date every year dubbed “Blue Monday”… The first day of the week often comes with a feeling of nostalgia for the weekend. At FunBelote, we’re not ones to mope. As enthusiastic players of belote, we spend our chips on our favorite card game in order to stay cheerful. Monday is therefore the perfect day to devote to belote! To convince you, we hereby present our trump card: a mobile app for playing online belote!