Meet Catherine, July’s belote player!

Every month thousands of belote players get together on FunBelote, an app they are attached to. We are lucky to have beta testers who test the new features of the app before they are released and made available to all belote players. This month, let’s meet Catherine, better known as “Chatpilpoil”! She has been playing belote since early childhood and also has a passion for bridge.

Learn to play belote with the FunBelote app

Do you dream of becoming a belote expert? At FunBelote we have decided to share all of our secrets to help you play like top players! Contract, suit, trump, tricks, extra points… Belote will no longer be a mystery to you!

Coinche bidding: tips from our ambassadors

Of all the types of belote game, coinche is the most strategic variant. And this is particularly true of the bidding phase, during which players must bid the value of the contract they plan to make, but also of the announcements made at the start of play. Alexandre, our FunBelote ambassador, will explain to you how to bid and announce in coinche belote for scoring as many points as possible! Alexandre, notre ambassadeur FunBelote, vous explique comment enchérir et annoncer à la belote coinchée pour marquer un max de points !

Belote Scoring Table : Know how to count the points

Like many card games, a game of belote is played over several rounds. At the end of one deal, a player must therefore put himself in charge of noting the total score given to each team. So that you won’t lose the thread when counting the points, we will confide a little secret to you: a special scoring table for belote!

Bertrand, belote player of the month!

Every month, thousands of belote players enjoy getting together on the FunBelote app. Lancelot may be a great partner and opponent, but belote games exist thanks to real players. This month, we welcome Bertrand, a card games enthusiast and a born belote player!

The All-Trump and No-Trump belote contracts

Learn how to play a game of belote in “All-Trumps” or “No-Trumps”! Alexandre, our FunBelote ambassador, will give you his tips on these two types of contract, to be used liberally in games of coinche and belote contrée! Discover all of their specific aspects, such as the value of the cards, game tactics and communication techniques used between the players on each team!

Belote marseillaise: origins and rules of the game

In Marseilles , card games are played by everyone from 7 to 77 and you can find formidable belote players. It is even said that several variants of belote – belote marseillaise being one of them – would come from that area… So true or false? You will find everything there is to know right here in this article!

“Being under the gutter” in a game of belote

Today we will be talking about belote strategy. Does the French belote expression “being under the gutter” ring a bell? In belote games, it refers to the strategic position allowing you to play by guessing which cards you are holding and to try to score even more points to become the winning side. Read on to find out how!

Jack of Clubs: role and origin in belote’s history

Where does the Jack of Clubs come from? Jack of Hearts, Jack of Spades, Jack of Diamonds or Jack of Clubs: all are emblematic figures in traditional card decks. Before talking about belote, let’s start with a quick reminder of their history.

Belote glossary

Learn to speak belote! You will find in this article the terminology common to all games of belote, but also specific terms used in the many existing variants.