Monday: an ideal day for starting to play belote online

Everyone has experienced the Monday blues, even giving rise to one date every year dubbed “Blue Monday”…The first day of the week often comes with a feeling of nostalgia for the weekend. At FunBelote, we’re not ones to mope. As…

Belote de comptoir : how to play ?

Among the many variants of belote, do you know belote de comptoir? It is quicker to play than classic belote but that does not mean it is any less fun or colorful! How to play belote de comptoir? You will need a deck of cards and two to four players. Then read this article to learn everything about the rules and start a game of belote de comptoir with your family or friends !

Trumps in belote: which playing techniques ?

Belote games are all about the trump suit: order and value of trump and non-trump cards, bidding All-Trumps or No-Trumps, etc. Trumps are essential cards allowing you to take tricks and score points.

Belote scoring table: download our template

FunBelote has created for you the ideal table for counting the points in a game of belote or coinche. Before downloading the table that will allow you to count up bonus points and determine the final score of each team, a bit of background is necessary…

The belote multiplayer mode is now free !

The holiday season is behind us and it put a huge dent in your budget? 💰💶 At FunBelote, we thought of you and made a New Year’s resolution for 2022 (because we’re nice and we know that a world without belote would be a sad place)! So, starting today, our multiplayer game mode will be available for free! You will find all the details right here in this article.

Card game without opponents: face the artificial intelligence

Meet Lancelot, the best virtual belote player! Let us introduce you to the artificial intelligence that will allow you to start a game at home without human opponents. The robot created by FunBelote will be either an opponent of your level or a dream partner for your belote games.

All card games for players aged 7 to 77

You have a deck of playing cards? The list of all card games you can play goes on and on! Of course, there are classics such as bridge, belote or tarot, but also family card games, gambling card games played in casinos and even those you can play solo at home. FunBelote shares a selection of games for players of all ages.

Belote tips: our advice on how to play like a pro

From the distribution of the cards to the designation of the winners, discover our tips for becoming a better player in belote or its many variants and avoiding rookie mistakes… And most importantly, for scoring the maximum number of points with your team!