Card game without opponents: face the artificial intelligence

Card game without opponents: challenge FunBelote’s artificial intelligence

Meet Lancelot, the best virtual belote player!

Let us introduce you to the artificial intelligence that will allow you to start a game at home without human opponents. The robot created by FunBelote will be either an opponent of your level or a dream partner for your belote games.

Card game against the computer: who is really Lancelot?

A robot from a long line of AIs

You play online bridge and you already know the mobile app “Funbridge”? So, you know that we are not new to AI!

“Lancelot” is the name given to FunBelote’s AI in reference to the Jack of Clubs found in decks of playing cards. Its cousin is “Argine”, the AI of the Funbridge app. Argine’s creators have used their expertise in programming to design Lancelot, the robot “made in FunBelote”.

Lancelot is the world’s top AI for playing belote without opponents. Developed with the aim of being the closest possible to human behavior, our robot is regularly improved to continue enhancing its performance.

Playing cards without opponents “with” or “against” the AI

Thanks to Lancelot’s numerous qualities, you will quickly develop a taste for the various belote games without opponents offered by the FunBelote app.

Available 24/7, at any time of the day or night, Lancelot is the ideal partner and/or opponent! As a teammate, it is always at its best and your biggest asset. On your opponents’ side, it will adjust to the level of the table chosen (standard, difficult, expert or master).

Lancelot is a master of classic belote as well as its many variants like coinche and belote contrée. It knows all the game rules by heart and will never let you down !

Which types of games without opponents are available on FunBelote ?

FunBelote offers various game modes for all levels. Whether beginner or experienced player, find out more about how to play belote without opponents.

A free and unlimited game mode without opponents

You want to learn the rules of the game of belote or improve your skills? Start training yourself up with Lancelot in a game mode where you don’t need to find opponents to play!

In the “practice” mode, FunBelote’s AI becomes both your teammate and the players of the opposing team. It is also charged with dealing the cards and counting up the points.

The little extra? Automatic aids (card value, point counting and last trick played) are at your disposal to help you make rapid progress in belote or coinche.

Select “standard” as game level, take a seat and play! As you progress, you will unlock higher levels: difficult, expert and master.

Free multiplayer belote

Free multiplayer belote allows you to play online against other players.

At a virtual table, you play like in a traditional game:

  • Four players split into two teams.
  • 32 playing cards (from the 7 to the Ace in Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs).
  • All players receive a hand of 8 cards.

Deal, face-up card, bidding, announcements, bonus points… You play according to the official rules of a game of belote or coinche, based on the variant you choose.

One of the four participants is missing? A player has to leave the table in the middle of the game? Don’t worry, Lancelot is available 24/7! It will immediately replace the missing player, be it a teammate or an opponent, an accepter or a defender. Lancelot can even replace them all at the same time 🙂

Focus on your cards and continue playing tricks with peace of mind !

How to start a type of game without opponents on the FunBelote app ?

You will find below everything you need to know about how to play belote with the FunBelote app.


First, go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the version of our app adapted to your device (iOS or Android) for free.

Fill in your details and open a player account. You will be able to switch easily from your smartphone to your tablet without losing your progress or statistics.

FunBelote also gives you the possibility of testing the app without signing up.

Chips are offered when you get started with the app, whether you are a registered player or not !


Download the FunBelote app and join our large community of online players! Enjoy the intuitive interface of FunBelote and the various game modes offered.

To start a game without opponents, click the buttons “practice” or “multiplayer belote”. Lancelot is waiting for you!

You want to face real players?

Register for our “daily tournaments”! FunBelote offers daily tournaments of traditional and coinche belote.

Many batches of chips are to be won by the top 50 players in the rankings!

Special tournaments like the Christmas tournament or tournaments of belote contrée are also available.

You are more into face-to-face challenges?

FunBelote has created “duplicate challenges”, a totally novel game mode ensuring perfect equality between the players. All participants play in the same conditions (same deals for each player and same position at the table).

Take it from us: the fight is not going to be easy…

You are an enthusiastic belote player?

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