Bertrand, belote player of the month!

Every month, thousands of belote players enjoy getting together on the FunBelote app. Lancelot may be a great partner and opponent, but belote games exist thanks to real players.

This month, we welcome Bertrand, a card games enthusiast and a born belote player!

Hi Bertrand! Can you please briefly introduce yourself?

Not always straightforward to be concise but I’ll do my best! My name is Bertrand. I’m 50, I live in Angoulême, France, and I am a father of 5. I have a real passion for card games and especially retro gaming. I have many retro consoles like the NES and the Gameboy. I love the competitive and entertaining side of the video games!

How old were you when you discovered belote?

About 10, I’d say. I started playing belote, coinche and tarot with my friends to kill time. With my family, we used to play manille instead, their favorite hobby. I’ve continued to play over the years. I love playing on my smartphone! Anyone can do it really. It’s user-friendly and easy. On the app, my username is “El Barto Was Here” in reference to The Simpsons. Connoisseurs will get the reference…

What if you had to choose between belote and coinche?

Coinche remains by far my favorite. Few things are left to chance and you have to develop strategies if you want to progress game after game. Maybe this variant of belote is more enjoyable too. I like challenges a lot and I feel like I’m constantly stimulated when I’m playing coinche, especially in the game mode “daily tournament”.

What do you like on FunBelote?

I really enjoy daily tournaments: every day, you can play games against real opponents, keep track of your ranking and pit yourself against other players in quite competitive modes. Of course, that’s for fun! Also, I like Lancelot a lot and I’m getting used to its personality and play. It’s very pleasant to have a reliable partner, despite that the robot may be capricious sometimes, because you’re not frustrated by the game experience.

How would you convince someone to play belote?

It’s not only a game of chance. There’s a lot of strategy and thinking involved. The luck factor can be erased. There may be a friendly atmosphere and interactions. You can be part of a community, forge links with other passionate players and anyone can play really.

Any final words?

I really like FunBelote and I can’t wait to try the next features. I am aware that creating a perfect game can be difficult and I’m playing on several apps to see what I like or not in the various games of belote available. I do enjoy playing thanks to Lancelot and daily tournaments even if I miss the “challenge” mode a bit, I have to admit.