Belote Scoring Table : Know how to count the points

How do you calculate the points with the help of a belote scoring table?

Like many card games, a game of belote is played over several rounds.

At the end of one deal, a player must therefore put himself in charge of noting the total score given to each team.

So that you won’t lose the thread when counting the points, we will confide a little secret to you: a special scoring table for belote!

A belote scoring table: what is it used for?

All of the variants of belote are contract games. In other words, for the accepting team to score points against the opposing team, they must make a contract (bid at the start of the game).

Yet the players must play several rounds before one team wins the whole game! Hence the need for this famous table for adding up the number of points deal after deal…

Scoresheet: definition

Scoresheet, scoring table or scorecard… No matter what you call it, the scoring table for belote simply refers to the table that allows you to note the score of each partnership throughout the rounds played.

This little table is essential for keeping a good count of the total number of points accumulated by all of the players.

Belote table: instructions

The scoresheet can differ according to the many variants and their respective rules: classic belote, coinche, contrée…

One main thing to remember is that:

– Belote is played by four players divided into two teams.

– The players must agree on a final score to be achieved in order to be declared the winners at the end of the game.

– All points must be calculated at the end of each deal.

Here is the minimum information to put in your belote scoring table:

Points for dealPoints scoredPoints for dealPoints scored
Deal 1  
Deal 2  

Then, according to the type of belote being played, your skill level, the degree of precision you want, your preference for detail, etc., you may enrich your table with additional information.

Personalize a special belote scoring table

You will find belote tables for download on the internet. Excel spreadsheets, simplified or detailed scoring tables: you will be spoiled for choice!

Be inspired by these models and create your own scoresheet!

Here are some personalized pieces of advice for making your belote table J

Beginner players: scoring table and aide-mémoire

Are you just starting with belote? Is nobody at your table an expert at counting the points yet? Don’t panic; there is nothing complicated about it!

In this situation, consider simply noting down the following in the corner of your scoresheet:

– The order and value of the cards:

A little reminder will help you when you are totaling up the points scored by the accepters and defenders. Remember that you have to distinguish between the value of the cards in the trump suit and the other three suits in the deck of cards.

– The bonus points:

Belote rebelote, capot or even the ten of der will each bring in extra points.

Do not forget to note down the participants’ bonus points.

In coinche, don’t forget to also score points for the announcements (combinations of cards for making up a square or sequence).

– A table of corresponding points for calculating the other team’s score:

As a reminder, the total number of points for the 32 cards in the belote deck is 162. Which means that, when you move on to counting the points issued for the tricks collected by one of the teams, it is enough to just subtract to get the points of their opponents! A noticeable time-saver, even though some players prefer to count up the tricks for each member of a team in order to avoid any calculation errors…

Do you need to refresh your memory of the rules of belote and the points scored for each card? Consider visiting the relevant pages on our FunBelote website!

Experienced players: a unique belote table

Are you having no luck with the sheets for counting points that are suggested online? Would you like to personalize your scorecard? There’s nothing simpler! We’ve done the research for you; here are some tips for reaching the perfect result!

– Which table for which type of belote?

Several variants of belote exist but the most played ones remain classic belote, coinche belote and belote contrée.

In traditional belote, calculating the points is rather quick. It is enough to count up the points for each trick and add them together before adding the potential bonus points (capot, belote, ten of der).

In contrée, add points for any “double” bids or “redouble” overbids.

Finally, in coinche, as well as coinche/surcoinche bids, the players can bid “All-Trump” or “No-Trump” contracts or announce a combination (square, tierce, fifty, hundred).

– Which columns should be added?

There can sometimes be a tendency to include too much information… Some tables have, for each deal: the accepter and his partner, the value of the contract and the trump suit (Clubs, Diamonds, Spades or Hearts), capot, general, etc.

Of course, every player is free to make his own choice. However, in our humble opinion, it is better to stick to the essentials so that you do not spend more time filling in the scoresheet than you do playing belote!

Here is a model of a table that can be adapted to any of the belote games:

BidSuitDouble / CoincheRedouble / CoincheBelote RebeloteTEAM 1TEAM 2Capot

– Paper or computer, which medium is better for your special belote table?

People use paper out of habit. Why not make your belote table on the computer?

This does not only have the advantage of saving paper and forests J but also that you can archive the history of your belote games between friends!

A disagreement? A memory blank? Hey presto! Now out comes your scoresheet!

We have also prepared some printable grids to make your playing experience easier.

How do you play belote without a scoring table?

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