Belote scoring table: download our template

Belote scoring table: download our template

FunBelote has created for you the ideal table for counting the points in a game of belote or coinche. Before downloading the table that will allow you to count up bonus points and determine the final score of each team, a bit of background is necessary…

Beginner belote players : scoring table and aide-mémoire

If you are new to belote, you have to learn both how to play and how to count up the points. Having an aide-mémoire next to your scoresheet will be helpful.

Understanding how a game of belote is played

Belote is played by four players divided into two teams. They have to play several deals to win the game.

When a deal starts, a bidding round determines the position of each team: accepters or defenders. The player who bids the highest contract wins the bidding. With his teammate, he must then make the contract announced. The opposing side will try to prevent them from doing so by taking as many tricks as possible.

So, a special belote scoring table shows itself to be very useful to total up the points as deals are played.

A special belote scoring table for beginners

Remember to write down information essential to beginners next to the table that will allow you to note the score of each partnership.

Indeed, classic belote as well as its many variants (coinche, contrée, etc.) follow very specific game rules:

– The order and value of the cards

This little reminder will help you when you are totaling up the points because each card is worth a specific number of points. Remember that you have to distinguish between the value of the cards in the trump suit for the deal and the other three suits in the deck of cards.

– The bonus points

Belote rebelote, capot or even the ten of der will each bring in extra points. Do not forget to note down the participants’ bonus points. In coinche, don’t forget to also score points for the announcements (combinations of cards for making up a square or sequence).

– A table of corresponding points for calculating the other team’s score

As a reminder, the total number of points for the 32 cards in the belote deck is 162. Which means that, when you move on to counting the points issued for the tricks collected by one of the teams, it is enough to just subtract to get the points of their opponents! A noticeable time-saver, even though some players prefer to count up the tricks for each member of a team in order to avoid any calculation errors…

Do you need to refresh your memory of the rules of belote and the points scored for each card? Consider visiting the relevant pages on our FunBelote website !

Experienced players: a tailored scoring table

Here are the right questions to ask yourself to make THE ideal scoresheet !

Which scoresheet for which type of belote ?

Several variants of belote exist but the most played ones remain classic belote, coinche belote and belote contrée.

In traditional belote, calculating the points is rather quick. It is enough to count up the points for each trick and add them together before adding the potential bonus points (capot, belote, ten of der).

In contrée, add points for any “double” bids or “redouble” overbids.

Finally, in coinche, as well as “coinche” and “surcoinche” bids, the players can bid “All-Trump” or “No-Trump” contracts or announce a combination (square, tierce, fifty, hundred).

Personalize your scoring table

There can sometimes be a tendency to include too much information. Some tables have, for each deal: the accepter and his partner, the value of the contract and the trump suit (Clubs, Diamonds, Spades or Hearts), capot, general, etc.

Of course, every player is free to make his own choice. However, in our humble opinion, it is better to stick to the essentials so that you do not spend more time filling in the scoresheet than you do playing belote!

Here is a model of a table that can be adapted to any of the belote games :

Download our ready-to-print belote scoring tables

Can one play without a special belote scoring table ?

The answer is “yes, of course!”. How? By playing a game of belote on FunBelote, the official app for online belote and coinche games !

FunBelote, the belote app that goes beyond counting up the points

No more boring point calculations… But that is not all!

FunBelote offers many features making playing belote easier:

– Dealing the cards, indicating the suit led, designating the next person to play, collecting up the tricks…

– Automatic aids: card value, point counting, last trick played.

– Various game modes for all levels (standard, difficult, expert or master).

And it does all that 24/7! 🙂

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