Belote contest: register for the Christmas tournament!

Our current belote contests

FunBelote is preparing for sparkling Christmas celebrations and will be running the first online contest of coinche belote! “Icing on the Yule log”: no entry fee and many prizes to be won! Who is to say that Santa Claus doesn’t exist? 

You will find all the information you need about our daily tournaments and Christmas tournament as well as extra tips on how to play your favorite card game in the best conditions here in this article.

Face-to-face vs online belote

At FunBelote we think that these two ways of playing belote are not opposed but complement each other. Whether face-to-face or online, taking part in a belote contest is still an excellent opportunity for you to test your skills and entertain yourself! 

Pre-registration, being present at the event, being available on specific dates and at specific times… It is not always easy to be able to participate in a face-to-face belote tournament. Also, current restrictions due to Covid-19 make social events, including indoor competitions, impossible.

So, until you can participate in a tournament run by your local belote club again, online tournaments are the perfect alternative to play and make your life easy at the same time. 

Participate in our “daily tournaments” and get in the FunBelote rankings!  

FunBelote offers daily tournaments where you can play classic belote in duplicate format. This duplicate game mode has been developed thanks to the AI system of FunBridge, the No. 1 bridge app in the world. Never seen in any online belote app! It reproduces an identical setup for all of the competing players: the same deals, same team and same seat at the table. It gives you and your opponents an equal footing.

To get a score, every player must play at least 8 deals out of the 10 available in 24 hours. Chip prizes are awarded to top 50 places in the rankings!

The contest starts every day at midnight.

Play tournaments anytime, anywhere!  

To register, go to the mobile app FunBelote and select “daily tournament”.  

Do you like challenges? Challenge your friends on the FunBelote app!  

Available on tablets and smartphones, our app offers several game modes including challenges consisting of mini-tournaments of 8 deals in duplicate format. 

You play a four-player classic game. The four players are divided into two partnerships. You sit at a table with three robots. Your adversary (your friend) will play the same deals in parallel and with the same card distribution and robots.  

He who wins the game will officially be the best! 

How to prepare for a belote tournament?

Of course, luck plays a role in card games. But good preparation is necessary to maintain your skills and will increase your chances of winning our big Christmas coinche tournament. Here are some tips from your FunBelote coach:

1. Make sure you know the fundamentals 

Whether playing classic or coinche belote, you should know the rules by heart! Value of the cards dealt, trump suit, led suit, card to be played to win a trick, bid, contract, counting points, capot, belote and rebelote… Keep up your skills!

You will find the official rules of belote and coinche on our FunBelote site. 

2. Learn 

Browse the internet and take yourself to the card games section of a bookshop! You will find technical books on belote or videos made by players. Detailed analysis of a game, tips on how to play… Professional players share their strategies and advice for different variants of belote. Listen to masters and learn from them!

3. Don’t underestimate physical and mental preparation

Tournament games usually last several hours or even days. Being fit can make the difference! Ways to train your brain might be exercising your memory, doing mental math, etc. And if you want to stay full of energy and focused, eat healthy and drink water. 

4. Train yourself up 

The first step to any contest is training. The more you practice, the more you become an experienced player and the better you get! But play in moderation.

If you can’t find a partner, download the FunBelote app. 

Play for free in the “practice” mode or pit your skills against other human players in the “multiplayer” mode. You can also test your skills in daily tournaments and duplicate challenges. 

Finally, the secret is to put things into perspective. 

When we talk about prize competitions, winnings spring first to mind. Taking part in a contest is of course an opportunity to win prizes or money but one should remember that this is also a hobby. Tournaments are first and foremost an excellent way of taking your mind off things and making new friends.

So, even if you dream of winning big, relax… It is the key to good preparation!

Participate in our next belote contest: the Christmas tournament!

We wanted to make this first edition of the Christmas contest truly unique so we asked the community of FunBelote players to tell us what they would like. By popular demand, it will be a coinche belote tournament. Never seen in the world of online belote! You asked, we listened!

And because Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without presents, Lancelot will be “playing Santa Claus”! Indeed, the Christmas tournament will be free (yes, you read it right) and open to all!  

Thousands of chips and goodies are waiting for you! 

How to play our special Christmas daily tournament?  

The Christmas tournament will be taking place over 5 days on December 22-27, 2020. 

You will find a list of game modes on the homepage of the app. Go to the “Event” section as you would do to access daily tournaments.  

Registration opens on December 22.  


This is a duplicate tournament inspired by the “daily tournaments” mode available on FunBridge.

Every day the player plays by himself 10 provided deals. The objective is to achieve the highest score on each deal.

Participate in 3 Christmas daily tournaments and get a unique virtual deck of cards with Christmas pattern!

The top 50 places will also receive in-game rewards every day. 

Download our belote app for free now to play online and enter our tournaments!

Mark your calendars for December 22 and join the big Christmas coinche tournament! Pit your skills against players of our community and try to win the game.

We wish you a Merry Christmas! May the best win 😃