Belote against the computer: train yourself up and become a pro

Classic or coinche belote… Beginner or experienced player… Improve your game by playing belote against the computer! Whether playing by yourself or within a network of friends, you will find all the information you need to start a game of belote online and play for free on your tablet or smartphone right here in this article.

How is belote played against a computer?

Playing belote against a computer involves playing against an artificial intelligence (AI) system.

Thanks to algorithmic programming, AI is replacing its competitors; and all with absolute respect for the rules of belote. The AI is programmed to try to beat you! It is almost as though each “human” player sitting around the table has been replaced by robots… In this setup, they will be an opponent, a teammate or both!

There are several ways of playing belote online against a computer: by downloading some software, playing online games with or without signing up, or even using a mobile app.

And the winner is… free-to-download mobile apps! This is the option which is most well-adapted to our nomadic way of life. What a luxury to be able to play at home, on a trip, on your commute…

You will also be pleasantly surprised by the now hyper-realistic graphics on your tablet or mobile.

Layout of the table, display of the cards, command buttons, card dealing, avatar and even the chat between you and the other participants… Everything has been programmed so that you cannot help but enjoy playing belote against the AI!

Do you have a smartphone and/or tablet connected to the Apple Store or Google Play?

The FunBelote app, downloadable for free, offers a “practice” mode with the advantage that you can switch between your mobile devices without losing your progress.

Why wait? Get started and challenge the AI!

You can also make use of events offered by the online game platforms in order to perfect your game: belote competitions, tournaments, challenges… On FunBelote, for example, we run a daily competition called the “Daily Tournament”, which is played within one day, with chips to be won every day.

Artificial intelligence: the ideal belote partner

Always available and never out of sorts, the computer has been programmed to adapt to your schedule and playing level.

Are you a beginner? Begin by learning the official rules of belote online: distribution, value of the cards, led suit, combinations of tricks, trump suit, bid, contract, points, capot, belote and rebelote… You will find all of the rules of the game (traditional or coinche) on

Then, you will be able to discover the game of belote against the computer and learn at your own pace before pitting yourself against real players. The AI will take charge of your initiation to the game and the training sessions will follow your progress along the way. 

And after that? Without dropping your friend, the computer, you will be able to join a community and switch to networking with real players online!

Are you a seasoned player? Are you running into difficulties with reuniting players around a table? Belote against the computer allows solo play, with no time limit, nor any need to find a partner or opposition. You can practice, unlimited, at any hour of the day or night and take breaks when you feel like it. The computer will adapt entirely to your schedule: little chance of the AI system reproaching you for your tardiness!

Do you enjoy playing against a robot but not exclusively? Do you find that a player brings more to the game when there in the flesh? Mix AI and human by inviting a teammate to join a game and challenge the computer together! The free multiplayer game modes allow you to play together or, alternatively, to face each other, separated into two sides, each with a robot. 

This is also an opportunity to meet friends who are fans of the multiplayer mode!

Are you a fan of card games in general? Do you, a knowledgeable bridge player, want to discover a new type of game? Fed up with playing solitaire? Get started with easily available online games such as classic or coinche belote.

Whatever your level, consider completing your training with one or two guides to belote. 

Take yourself to the card games section of a bookshop! Next to the guides to tarot, poker, bridge, solitaire or rummy, you are certain to find a book on belote. 

These works offer technical analyses of the game: go through a deal step by step and study how the game unfolds as the cards are played… 

The techniques and strategies used by belote players will no longer be a mystery to you!

After that, you will be able to put this advice into practice by playing belote against the computer!

Books are also a nice way to look into the history and numerous variants of belote: two-player belote, three- or four-player belote, classic belote, coinche belote, bridge belote, belote de comptoir or belote contrée. Discover all the subtleties of this game!

Know that there are even specific rules for belote depending on the country: there is belote from Marseilles, as well as Swiss, Russian and even American belote. This card game is popular with players from all over the world and it’s now up to you to discover the never-ending world of belote for yourself!

FunBelote, the solution to playing belote against the computer!

Our mobile app FunBelote offers several game modes for playing belote online and our site has been designed as a complete tool available to the players, whether they be novice or advanced!

There, you can find the official rules and learn how to play belote, count points or further understand the differences between classic and coinche belote.

Then you can practice with the FunBelote app, one of the best games of belote against a computer, thanks to Lancelot, our AI system.

Our FunBelote app (available on iOS and Android) has already been hailed as one of the best AI systems of the genre, having already been tested and approved by the users of FunBridge, the No. 1 bridge application in the world. 

Named “Lancelot”, in reference to the Jack of Clubs in a deck of cards, we have developed an AI capable of close-to-human behavior. 

Whatever your level, you will find a suitable offering and a variety of game modes (challenges, tournaments, multiplayer or practice), as well as a high-quality, easy-to-use interface.

Finally, ours is a multi-device app so that you can play belote on any of your screens without losing your progress, thanks to your FunBelote online player account.

Discover practice mode!

Free four-player belote game: this does not require any chips. You will therefore be able to have as many games as you wish.

This game mode is particularly well suited to beginners. Here, there are no human players around your table. You will be a member of one of the two sides and Lancelot will take the place of the three other players. His only aim is to help you to progress.

You can go through the levels at your own pace and there are a few different automatic aids available to improve your game: the value of the cards, point count and the last trick played.

Move on to multiplayer belote!

Do you want to pit yourself against real players? Try a new game experience with the free multiplayer mode on FunBelote! Join a community of players of your level by choosing the difficulty level for your table (standard, difficult, expert and master) !

Challenge your friends in duplicate format!

Want a challenge? Discover belote challenges! This duplicate game mode is exclusive to FunBelote. Totally novel for an online belote game, this duplicate challenge has been developed thanks to our FunBridge app.

It gives you and your friends an equal footing: you sit at a table with three robots and play a mini-tournament of 8 deals. Your adversary (your friend) will also play those same deals in parallel and with the same robots. He who wins the game will officially be the best!

Get in the international FunBelote rankings!

Compare yourself to the best players in the FunBelote community by playing a 10-deal belote tournament every day. Never seen in the tournament mode of any online belote app!

This game mode reproduces an identical setup for all of the competing players: the same deals and same seat at the table.

Ready? Chip prizes to be won for the top 50 places in the rankings!

Belote against the computer will no longer be a mystery to you! It’s now time for you to play…

Open a FunBelote player account to get access to our whole online belote universe!