All card games for players aged 7 to 77

All card games for players aged 7 to 77

You have a deck of playing cards? The list of all card games you can play goes on and on! Of course, there are classics such as bridge, belote or tarot, but also family card games, gambling card games played in casinos and even those you can play solo at home. FunBelote shares a selection of games for players of all ages.

All traditional card games

We can’t go through all existing card games. So, here is our top 3. But make no mistake, we love playing gin rummy, whist and many other games too !


We can’t write an article about “all card games” without mentioning belote! Classic belote, coinche, belote contrée… Among the many variants of belote, you are spoiled for choice! To learn how to play and become familiar with the official rules, go to the pages dedicated to the rules of belote on our website.


Bridge is a mind and strategy game very popular among card players. A game is divided into two phases: the bidding and the card play where the declarer has to take the number of tricks he has announced to make his contract.

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Tarot is also a contract game. At the beginning of the game, a player (the accepter) commits to scoring a certain number of points. According to the set-up of the game and number of players, he may have a partner to reach the number of points announced or he may have to play solo against the opposing side (the defenders). To play tarot, you will need a special deck of 78 cards including 21 trumps and an extra card called the “Excuse” (or “Fool”).

All family card games

Card games vs board games? Discover all the card games you can play as a family: pouilleux (the French for “seedy”), crapette, kemps, battle, nain jaune (the French for “yellow dwarf”), mistigri, menteur (the French for “liar”), crazy eights, animal cries, etc. Here are three games specifically adapted to kids.

BATTLE (also known as WAR)

Closed or discovery battle, this game is ideal to start playing cards with the youngest ones. With this game that is both entertaining and educational, the kids will taste their first card game and also discover the joy of winning or losing while having fun !


A classic! Who never played pouilleux at least once in his life? The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards by pairing them. The first player who manages to do that wins. And the last player at the table holding the pouilleux, that is the Jack of Spades, loses.


This game is perfect to learn how to play with card combinations. Kemps is played by four players split into two teams. Each player sits diagonally opposite his partner. The players receive four cards each. Four cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table. The players can swap one or several of these cards for their own cards. The aim is to get a square (four cards of the same value). Then the partner, alerted by a discreet signal, has to call “Kemps!” if he thinks that his partner has it. Like belote, this game is really fun!

All gambling card games

Keep in mind that gambling is an activity that must be done in moderation. It should remain a pleasure!


Poker needs no introduction! You will find enthusiastic players of this universal game par excellence all over the world. There are many poker tournaments and the main ones are broadcast online and by audiovisual media. Some players are even international stars! Note that you can also play poker very simply at home and enjoy a good evening playing with your friends.


Also called “blackjack”, this gambling card game is very popular in casinos. The principle is simple: all players face the bank. Each of them is dealt 2 cards and can ask for extra cards if he wants to. The aim is to beat the bank without exceeding a score of 21. If one of the participants scores higher, he loses his bet.


Coming from Italy, baccara (also spelled baccarat) is a game where each player has to bet on a hand: either the bank or his opponent. In baccara, as in blackjack, each card is worth a certain number of points. Players aim for a total count of 9 or as close as they can get.

All solo card games


As its name suggests, solitaire is a solo card game. Also called “patience” or “cabale”, it is played with 52 cards. 28 cards are split into 7 columns and the 24 remaining cards form the draw pile (face down). The aim is to build 4 piles of cards from highest to lowest (from the Ace to the King) and sorted by suit (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs or Spades). To spice up the game, you can time yourself and try to beat your own record 🙂


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