The Funbelote app closed on
March 1st.

Various game modes for all levels


Now play for free against human players

Take a seat at the same table as other human players in FunBelote multiplayer game mode!

Select the difficulty level at your table (standard, difficult, expert or master) and join players of your level.

Only pleasure matters!

Daily tournament

Enter FunBelote world rankings 

Play a 10-deal tournament every day and compare yourself against the FunBelote community.
A never-seen-before game mode for an online belote app! 

Here you are not compared against the opponent pair at the table but against other players playing the same deals and sitting in the same position as you.

Ready? Top 50 players will receive free chips!


Challenge your friends in duplicate

This never seen before in online belote game mode will please more than one. No doubt about it!

The principle of challenges in duplicate is simple. You play a mini-tournament of 8 deals with robots at the table. Meanwhile, your opponent (your friend) also plays the same deals with the same robots. The goal is to get the highest score for the whole tournament.

Ready? May the best win!


Play against AI ‘Lancelot’

You are a beginner? You want to improve?
FunBelote practice game mode is made for you.

No human players here, only our artificial intelligence ‘Lancelot’ behind the other three players sitting at the table. Its sole purpose is to help you make progress.

Pass levels (standard, difficult, expert and master) at your own pace and pit your skills against other players.

The best artificial intelligence

‘Lancelot’ is the name given to FunBelote AI. It refers to the jack of clubs found in card games. And it is quite clever, to say the least. Indeed, it has more than one trick up its sleeve:


It is always available to play belote with you at any time of the day or night.


It is able to stand in for three human players at the table in practice game mode. And it won’t let you down in multiplayer game mode if a player is missing.


No matter which difficulty level you select (standard, difficult, expert or master) for your game mode, it adapts to your level.


It knows everything there is to know about belote and coinche.


If you play bridge, Lancelot should remind you of its cousin ‘Argine‘, the AI of the online bridge app FunBridge.

Therefore it is building on many years of expertise in AI programming for Argine. And like Argine, Lancelot has been developed with the aim of mimicking human behaviour and is regularly improved.

In a nutshell, Lancelot is the most advanced AI in the world to play belote!
To find out more about how it plays, visit our dedicated webpage:
Lancelot’s features & methods of play.



Available 24/7

Play at any time of the day or night. Our AI Lancelot is always up for a game of belote.


Switch from your smartphone to your tablet as you want and keep your progress.

Easy login

Log in quickly thanks to your FUN account (use the same username and email address as on FunBridge).

Automatic help

Card value

Not sure which card you should play? Enable this option to display the number of points of each card in your hand.

Score calculation

Points are automatically calculated. This is particularly useful to know if you are going to make your contract or if you are inside!

Last trick played

Like at a real table, the last trick played is always displayed so that you don’t lose track of what has just been played.

It’s Free

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